Rocket third attack to play disorders

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Rocket third attack to play disorders

Příspěvekod pinkpink » 30 bře 2017 07:25

Beijing morning on the morning of March 29, NBA two strong rockets and warriors fierce battle Brendan Gallagher Womens Jersey Houston. The game, the rocket in the offensive obviously play disorders. Houston's three-pointers are only 31 of 5 shots. Although relying on effective free throws in the fourth quarter will be closer to the score, but unfortunately the last critical moment the library continuous score to stabilize the morale. The final Golden State Warriors on the road to 113-106 victory over the Houston Rockets, for three consecutive years of regular season to obtain more than 60 wins record.
After the game, Warriors coach Steve Cole said the successful defense of the three-pointers of the Rockets is the main reason to win. "They (the Rockets) lost a lot of space today, and we all know the power of the Rockets, so the players are very hard to switch to transposition, try to avoid giving them too many opportunities to shoot." In the affirmative players Defensive performance at the same time, he also pointed out that today the team foul too much problem. "The Rockets will be able to catch up with the score later, mainly because we too many random fouls, especially for the three-point shooting foul, the game has three times.Although we stressed that the outside shooting to step up defense, this does not mean that we Can forgive unnecessary fouls. "
Rockets coach Dean Anthony said in a reporter's defense of the Warriors: "I think it's not just their defense, our own players are not Chris Terry Jersey the state tonight. Yes, they are the league limit opponents three-pointers One of the teams, they are very active against our outside defense, but we have a lot of vacant points can not grasp the opportunity.
Rockets star star Harden after the game showed a left hand wrist discomfort. After receiving medical treatment team, accepted the reporter's interview. "I think we did a good job in the last three quarters, and the three-pointers did not work well, and we did not have a Charlie Lindgren Jersey of games before the three-point shot, but if we had no three-pointers, It is very difficult to move back to a ball.Finally we only lost 6 points, we have the chance to win, but we need to start to play better.To tell the truth I do not know how today "Everyone did not have a shot tonight."
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