Iglesias Villanueva already outraged Barcelona

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Iglesias Villanueva already outraged Barcelona

Příspěvekod Son sovan » 27 lis 2017 07:42

Whilst much of the ire directed towards Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva is related to his decision not to give Barcelona's clear goal in Sunday's clash with Valencia, it is worth remembering that Los Cules have an unpleasant history with the Galician official. sbobet
He was in charge of their 1-1 draw away to Villarreal in January and incensed the Blaugrana with what they perceived to be poor decision making. sbobet
Bruno Soriano made two clear handballs inside his own penalty area but neither were given.
It was the same evening that Gerard Pique made a sbobet gesture towards the box which housed LaLiga officials.
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