number of flooring

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number of flooring

Příspěvekod xiao1235 » 27 lis 2017 11:16

<p>of direct competitors, to take faster response measures and competition mechanisms. At the same time can not take the past, 'follow the imitation' strategy, always followed in the back of other businesses, on the one hand can not build their own independent thinking and judgment; the other hand, it is easy to make strategic decisions always </p>
<p>slow . So, no matter large enterprises or small businesses, in the current environment need to find their way out of the way. Starting from the details, the more difficult the market for precision operation, the more business opportunities. At present, the complexity and difficulty of the operation of the first floor flooring market is greatly </p>
<p>enhanced compared with the past. First, a sharp decline in operating profit, and second, substantial investment in resources and energy rose, a large number of flooring manufacturers is 'two pressure.' Faced with this situation, all manufacturers should do is the most three operating precision: First, for first-line marketing means of operation </p>
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