Carefully decorate the floor construction operation

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Carefully decorate the floor construction operation

Příspěvekod happywork » 27 lis 2017 14:06

<P>Usually, after finishing the laying of the floor, people will apply a protective paint on the floor surface in order to ensure that the floor is bright enough and has certain waterproof, fireproof, decay resistance and corrosion resistance functions. And in the end of the entire renovation work, but also an extra floor to brush solid wood flooring paint to ensure the floor brightness, making it brand new.</P>
<P>Therefore, in the process of painting or to be light-handed, if not careful, it is likely to leave the mudra or footprints on the floor. In this way, a certain degree of impact on the beautiful, if the mark is too obvious you need to re-paint, to extend the duration and reduce work efficiency.</P>
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