enterprises are deep processing

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enterprises are deep processing

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<p>harmful organic matter into the air into oxygen and water, the formation of the human body to adapt to the ecological environment. Haidi ecological floor using <a href=''>artificial wood sheets price in bangladesh</a> modern high-tech means to make this crystal ion material penetrate evenly into the wear-resistant layer of reinforced floor, so that the ecological effect of crystal ions floor wear-resistant layer of the same life, long-term maintenance of the efficacy of indoor composite fence posts Haidi floor since the introduction of eco-floor and the National Environmental Quality Supervision and Testing Center established a full quality control system to ensure that every piece of eco-floor has the effect of removing harmful </p>
<p>gases. According to the test results of the National Environmental Quality Supervision and Testing Center, the removal rate of formaldehyde on Haidi ecological floor is 82.5%,<a href=''>can composite be put over a wood patio</a> that of ammonia is 80.8% and that of benzene is 82.8%. At the same time, the sea emperor ecological floor also won the anti-bacterial product certification issued by China Antibacterial Materials Association. According to the results of the Guangdong Provincial Center for Microbial Analysis and Testing, the antimicrobial rate of Haiti ecological floor to Escherichia coli is more than 99.97%,eastern red cedar deck the antibacterial rate against Staphylococcus aureus is 99.64%, the antifungal </p>
<p>level to Aspergillus niger and other bacteria is 0 level. Recently, Heidi strengthened the floor in the CCTV lottery eight floor selection of field-tested floor, and get the most stars of the indicators,<a href=''>pvc plastic composite decking kit</a> including the wear index, impact resistance test, formaldehyde emission,artifical wood planks resistance to dry Heat, static bending strength and other indicators are fully qualified, and was rated as the best comprehensive assessment of cost-effective. The General Administration of Customs learned that due to the reduction or cancellation of export tax rebates for wood flooring and other products, the business response has been very strong. Some enterprises have misunderstandings </p>
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