Damaged floor is not recommended renovation

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Damaged floor is not recommended renovation

Příspěvekod happywork » 14 bře 2018 06:34

<P>Floor if the damage is more serious, there is a large area of ​​mildew and deformation, etc., do not recommend renovation. Because the floor moldy usually go deep inside the floor, after grinding the floor surface will still have mildew spots; and floor deformation and damage can not be remedied by grinding. If most of the floor has been damaged, mildew, deformation, it is recommended to re-buy.</P>
<P>The overall renovation of the floor of the room better, the basic can achieve the effect of the new floor. The choice of local refurbishment is likely to cause new and old differences between the floor, the longer the floor life, the more obvious differences between old and new.</p> "laminate slip slip komersial,harga papan dinding kayu kalis air,bamboo flooring compared to composite flooring"
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