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Buccaneers Enter Dog Days of Camp

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 10 srp 2017 04:55

NFL training camps may not be quite as grueling as they used to be in the post-two-a-day era, but they're still a grind for the players, particularly in the Florida heat. There's no way to avoid the gradual buildup of monotony and fatigue.
Truly, the dog days of training camp have arrived at One Buccaneer Place. There is a solution, however, and it's right around the corner: Real live game action. The Buccaneers' preseason slate starts on Friday night in Cincinnati. The Bucs will practice once more on Wednesday and then head up to Ohio on Thursday.
"We've got to get ready to play real football here," said Head Coach Dirk Koetter after Tuesday's practice. "It's going to be good to play preseason football. We're at that point. Today was really that day where…today was the first day of training camp where we were just kind of dragging all day."
After a rainy opening week of camp, Week Two has brought the inevitable Florida heat and humidity to bear. Monday and Tuesday ranked as the two most sweltering practices of camp so far, which clearly took their toll on the players. The new week has also featured a crew of game officials, whose flags are helpful but also serve to underscore the players' mistakes. The Bucs have also started to encounter that other camp inevitability – injuries – though fortunately to a very minor degree. Center Ali Marpet and wide receiver Donteea Dye were two players held out on Tuesday due to minor ailments.
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Ryan Schraeder’s back on the field, Jack Crawford is not aft

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The good news is that Ryan Schraeder appears to be fine after leaving the field yesterday, having suffered a cleating and a cut that couldn’t have been a lot of fun but does not appear to be minor. The less inspiring news is that Jack Crawford cannot practice today after suffering a strained groin, though it does not appear to be a serious injury.
With Damontae Kazee also apparently also not suffering a serious injury yesterday, the Falcons went 3 for 3 in the scary but ultimately not terrifying camp ailment department, which is a ratio I can more than live with. Too many teams have already lost good players to non-contact injuries, including the Miami Dolphins, who will be without Ryan Tannehill for the year.
Let’s hope the Falcons can keep going like that, and let’s hope Crawford and Kazee are ready to play against the Dolphins on Thursday. Crawford will be a key reserve and Kazee wants to prove he deserves a lot of playing time in the season ahead, so it’ll be vital for both to get on the field early and often. As always, though, health comes first.
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Walker: Ted Ginn Sr. one proud "Pops" at Saints training cam

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 10 srp 2017 07:47

There were 3,545 Saints fans at training camp Saturday.
You'd be hard pressed to find one with a bigger grin on their face than one of the newest members of Who Dat Nation.
Ted Ginn Sr. flew from Cleveland to New Orleans on Saturday morning and flew back Saturday night.
He wasn't about to miss this day, a chance to see his new favorite team.
"Whatever team Ted is on, that's my team," Ginn Sr. said.
The Ted he's referring to, of course, is Ted Ginn Jr., the speedy veteran receiver the Saints signed in March.
So now, Ginn Sr. is a Saints fan, the fifth team he's cheered for in his son's 11-year career. He's rooted for the Dolphins, the 49ers, the Panthers, the Cardinals, the Panthers again, and now the black and gold.
Cheering for the Saints will come easy for Ginn, Sr.
He grew up in Clifton, La., just outside of Franklinton, about 75 miles away from New Orleans before moving to Cleveland, Ohio, when he was 11.
"I'm a Louisiana boy," he said, pointing to the Louisiana shaped medallion dangling on the necklace he wore.
Ginn Sr. would often bring Ginn Jr. from Ohio to Louisiana when he was a kid.
"I had to let him know where he is from," Ginn Sr. said. "It's special that he's in Louisiana now. It gives hope for other little kids and other family members. You're proud to see someone from your family go out and achieve such a goal."
Five other family members, a childhood friend, and one of his high school assistant coaches attended Saturday's practice as well.
But this day wasn't special just for Ginn Sr., the dad. It was also special for Ginn Sr. the coach.
He's the head football coach at football juggernaut Glenville High School in Cleveland, where he coached Saints first-round draft pick Marshon Lattimore.
"Anytime you can see two of your kids playing on this level, it's an exciting time," Ginn Sr. said. "It's very special to see them both on the same team."
It's not the first time Ginn Sr. has had former Tarblooders (yes, that's Glenville's nickname) on the same team. His son, along with Troy Smith and Donte Whitmer, were all teammates with the 49ers.
Ginn Sr., who has coached for years, is well-connected in football circles. It's why he made the time to pose with Saints running back Adrian Peterson as well.
He's known Peterson since his high school days.
Peterson and Ginn Jr. came out of high school the same year. Peterson, who played high school football in Texas, was the U.S. Army National Player of the Year in 2003. Ginn Jr., a cornerback at the time, was USA Today's Defensive Player of the Year.
The two played against each other in the U.S. Army All-American Game.
There's a particular play from that game that Ginn Sr. still laughs about.
"AP came around the corner and Ted was the only person there to tackle him," the elder Ginn said. "Ted went down on his knee and didn't touch him. He wasn't trying to tackle him. So we laughed about that today. We always keep that little joke going."
In addition to his son and Lattimore, Ginn Sr. was thrilled to see the other two former Ohio State players (Michael Thomas and Vonn Bell) on the Saints roster.
Ginn Sr. has an attachment Doug Flutie Jersey to former Buckeyes.
"It was great to see all the Ohio State kids," he said. "Some of them call me Pops."
On this day, Pops had plenty reasons to be proud.
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Jameis Winston has seen enough to say RB Doug Martin is back

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 10 srp 2017 08:51

TAMPA, Fla. -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht may have said there's no guarantee running back Doug Martin will have a job when he returns from his suspension, but in quarterback Jameis Winston's mind, Martin is the guy.
"We're playing these games for Doug," Winston said Tuesday. "Doug is out there and he's not taking any reps off. He's out there going hard like he's going to be starting Week 1. That's exciting."
Martin spent the offseason "working his butt off," training six days a week, with the goal of adding speed and becoming more agile and elusive. He cleaned up his diet and cut his body fat two percent to about six percent.
During training camp practices, he's shown the fruits of that labor. He's running hard and low to the ground. His legs look fresh and he's showing great burst.
On Monday, he had an inside run where he completely juked Vernon Hargreaves, zipping by the second-year cornerback for a touchdown in the red zone.
"That pushes those running backs and makes them want to play harder," Winston said. "Because they see a guy that's not gonna be with us the first three weeks, and they've gotta show, 'Okay, he's not gonna be with us. What can I do to fill that void? What can I do to make sure that I don't let him down?' Because we got Doug back."
Martin, a two-time Pro Bowler, will miss the first three games of the regular season as part of a suspension for violating the league's policy on performance-enhancing substances. He is eligible to play in the preseason, which kicks off for the Bucs Friday in Cincinnati, but then won't be allowed to practice, take part in meetings or receive treatment at the team facility until the start of Week 4.
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Hawaii seeks operator to sell carbon credits for project

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 10 srp 2017 09:51

HILO, Hawaii (AP) — Hawaii is seeking an operator for its planned initiative selling carbon offset credits for reforestation and recovery of 7.3 square miles (19 square kilometers) of island pasture land.
The request for a proposal seeks a partner in what is described as a first-of-its-kind initiative for Hawaii.
The Puu Mali Forest Carbon Project on the north slope of Mauna Kea calls for planting native trees such as koa and mamane, restoring watershed lands and enhancing the natural habitat of the endangered palila bird, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser ( ) reported Tuesday.
The plan is to pay for the project through the sale of carbon offset credits, with one such credit typically certifying the storage of one metric ton of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in plants and other organic material.
Carbon credits are used to offset carbon emissions, also known as greenhouse gas emissions, from motorized travel, commercial activities and other carbon-emitting activities.
By making the Puu Mali Restoration Area available for a forest carbon offset project, the state Department of Land and Natural Resources is creating opportunities to generate carbon credits locally, officials said.
Ranging from 5,200 feet to 7,800 feet (1,585 meters to 2,377 meters) in elevation, the Puu Mali Restoration Area used to be prime koa forest habitat before it was converted into pastureland for cattle. But then the area was fenced and all domestic and feral hoofed animals were removed.
The Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife began to restore the forest in 2004, while aiming to recharge the watershed and provide habitat for the native palila. The land last year was added to the Mauna Kea Forest Reserve.
"We want to have the reforestation certified by a certified carbon standard," said Philipp LaHaela Walter, state resource and survey forester. "That's basically a third party that certifies that you are storing a certain amount of carbon by reforesting the area."
As part of the request for a proposal, applicants are asked to submit reforestation plans and economic development plans showing how Shaq Lawson Authentic Jersey carbon credits will be sold and marketed.
Proposals are due Aug. 31. A site visit to the Puu Mali region was held last week for potential applicants.
Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
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Postpone the 2020 Election? Many GOP Voters Say Yes

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 11 srp 2017 02:13

The 2016 election cycle brought accusations of fake news and phony polls. But are voters really ready to put Democracy itself on hold?
Research by two professors finds that 52 percent of Republicans would be OK with postponing the 2020 elections if President Donald Trump told them it was the only way to ensure that only eligible American citizens voted. Other questions in the survey reveal the thinking behind that very startling statistic: While Trump won the the Electoral College, nearly half of Republicans surveyed believe Trump won the popular vote, too -- even though Hillary Clinton beat him by about 3 million ballots.
Further, 68 percent of the GOP-inclined voters surveyed June 5-20 believe millions of illegal immigrants voted in the 2016 election, and 73 percent believe voter fraud occurs somewhat or very often. Those numbers are at odds with legions of studies indicating that non-citizen voting is very rare.
The poll’s authors, Yeshiva University psychology professor Ariel Malka and University of Pennsylvania assistant professor Yphtach Lelkes, aren’t sounding too many alarm bells. The situation is highly hypothetical, the two acknowledge in a write-up of their survey, and it’s likely there would be a small-d democratic backlash if anyone indeed seriously discussed postponing the next presidential election. Nor has anyone in the Trump administration publicly suggested delaying the 2020 election is up for discussion.
Trump couldn’t delay the election even if he wanted to, says Steven F. Huefner, a law professor at The Ohio State University. States run their own elections, for starters, and the U.S. Constitution clearly says a president’s term is done on Jan. 20 at noon – no extensions. Congress has ways of installing a new president if one is not chosen through the November contest for some reason, but the president can’t hang on at his own discretion. “There’s no way around that,” Huefner says.
University of Florida political science professor Michael McDonald, an expert on elections, also cautioned against reading too much into the Phil Taylor Youth Jersey survey since the question coupled too separate and contentious issues – illegal voting and postponing a national election. “It could be an overestimate because people are responding emotionally to the illegal voting part of it,” McDonald says.
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Enjoy Outlaw Country Music at Peterson FarmFest

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 11 srp 2017 02:56

He started out just him and his guitar, picking for tips at any venue that would have him in Indianapolis and surrounding counties. And that was just the beginning!!
From there, Country Music Singer/Songwriter John Riggins formed a band and competed against over 30 bands at Indy’s biggest country music venue, the 8-Second Saloon which led to opening for national acts such as Daryl Worley, Jason Michael Carroll, and Mark Wills. So looking for a new challenge, in 2013, John decided to take on Music City!
John Riggins grew up competitive in his hometown of Westfield Indiana. From sports and volunteering his time to those in need to performing the traditional Outlaw Country Music he loves, John has always been one to excel at everything he does.
After moving to Nashville, he began performing regularly on the World Famous Broadway in Nashville. He was able to record his first CD in Jan of 2015. John Released a new single“Lonesome Old Guitar” which was released in the US and Canada on January 1, 2016 and broke into the top 100 on Nashville’s Music Row charts. John is taking his show to venues in other states nearly every weekend. Check out his website and music for tour dates.
In a short time John has also become a prolific songwriter having penned over half of his CD “Outlaw Rising” he is co-writing with songwriters Gary Gentry; “The Ride” (David Allen Coe, Tim McGraw), “We Didn’t See A Thing” (Ray Charles & George Jones), “1959,” (John Anderson), “Who Cares” (Ray Charles & Janie Frickie), “The Very Best Of Me” and “The One I Loved Back Then (The Corvette Song)” (George Jones) and SESAC Award Winner, Shawn Byrnes and others.
John Riggins isn’t settling for the things he’s accomplished, he’s looking for more to do. And besides growing his Outlaw Country Music bigger, writing and singing a number one hit and performing to thousands of traditional country music fans; he’s thinking.
And guess what?! John will be performing at this year’s Peterson FarmFest in Cicero, IN on Saturday, August 12 at 4 p.m.
For the FIFTH YEAR… We are privileged to host “FARMFEST” to support REINS OF GRACE THERAPEUTIC RIDING CENTER!! This local non-profit focuses on equine-assisted therapy for children with special needs. Go to for more information on this wonderful organization.
The date is SATURDAY AUGUST 12 and the gates open at 4:00 ​RAIN or SHINE. The music lineup is fantastic, and the food is too! (See Event Malcolm Smith Authentic Jersey Schedule for band lineup). Bring the kids for games and fun. Price of admission includes: all 3 live performances, food and drinks (yes, BEER too, if so inclined), and activities for the kids.
Bring your instruments and your lawnchairs! If you like to jam, or just to listen, then plan to stick around after the bands finish. The upper barn becomes a jam session late into the night, with some of the most talented (and fun) folks around.
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Devin Funchess standing out at camp for Panthers

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 11 srp 2017 03:37

Carolina Panthers wide receiver Devin Funchess is having an "excellent" training camp, reports Jourdan Rodrigue of The Charlotte Observer.
Funchess "made several big catches," per Rodrigue, and it sounds like he's poised to lock down the second receiving gig in Carolina behind Kelvin Benjamin. Entering his third season in the NFL, Funchess turned only 23 in May. It's worth mentioning that Benjamin, who struggled with his conditioning this offseason, "has been fairly quiet all of training camp so far."
numberFire's models rank Funchess just inside the top-100 fantasy receivers entering the season, and we project him to catch 23.9 passes for 378.6 yards and 2.09 touchdowns.
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Bersin faces new challengers for spot with Panthers

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 11 srp 2017 04:39

Brenton Bersin is experiencing his usual training camp. He’s once again no lock to make the roster while the team has brought in a new crop of receivers seeking to snare his spot.
One major difference for the former Wofford College star is he’s held on long enough to where he’s emerged as the oldest receiver on Carolina’s roster among the 13 at the position.
Now in his fifth season with the Panthers, the first spent on the practice squad, the 27-year-old (10 weeks older than recent signee Trevor Graham from North Carolina State) has not only been with the organization the longest, the Charlotte native trails only newcomer Russell Shepard, a free-agent pick-up from Tampa Bay, in terms of NFL seasons among receivers with three to the former Buc’s four.
With Bersin possessing a far more low-key personality than Shepard, he’s taken a backseat in terms of leadership to a guy more willing to put himself out there.
“It’s a different room,” Bersin said of the youth movement among the wideouts. “Losing Ted (Ginn Jr.) and Philly (Brown), but gaining Shep, a vocal leader, it’s been fun playing with him and he’s been a great influence on me as a vet and brought a lot of energy to the room. We have a lot of young guys out there making plays and have a lot of depth, a lot of guys out there (overall), and think we have a really good group.”
For the first time it’s 2014 first-round pick Kelvin Benjamin who’s looked upon to slide into the lead role both as a performer and a mentor. Benjamin, 26, who is readying for his third full season after missing 2015 with a torn ACL, dealt with criticism about his increased weight this off-season and now, while trimmed down, is dealing with the recent death of his mother.
The team no longer has the presence of a grizzled veteran leader at the position after the departure of Ginn, who had returned to the Panthers for the past two seasons. In 2014-15 the roster featured elder statesman Jerricho Cotchery (in addition to Jason Avant three years ago) and, of course, the best receiver in team history, Steve Smith, ended his tenure following the 2013 season.
“I think it’s a good group with Kelvin and (Devin) Funchess as our lead guys and then (Sheppard) comes in,” Bersin said. “He’s that vocal leader. I’m not as much a vocal guy, I lead by example, but we have all different kinds of guys. We just have a little bit of everything in that room and it’s going to be special.”
With Benjamin, Funchess, Sheppard and rookie second-round pick Curtis Samuel locks to make the roster, that leaves Bersin battling for one of likely two spots. Samuel was the lone receiver drafted in April and the remaining competitors are a mishmash of former practice squad guys and free agents with little to no NFL game experience.
South Carolina alum Damiere Byrd, one of the team’s fastest, is one of the top contenders to snag one of those final spots after spending most of the past two years on the practice squad. Among the new guys, UNC Charlotte rookie Austin Duke has shown flashes early in camp to begin to put his name on the radar.
“I think the biggest thing is to keep learning and take the high days with the low days and just kind of balance yourself out,” Duke said. “I’m still in the process of learning the plays, making sure I know what I’m supposed to be Andrew Norwell Youth Jersey doing and just working on consistency. I have big-play potential and need to continue to be who I am, the rest will take care of itself.”
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Fantasy Football Season For ESPN Radio Includes Chicago, New

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 11 srp 2017 07:00

ESPN's Fantasy Football coverage for the 2017 season will include a pair of special events hosted by ESPN RADIO owned-and-operated stations.
First, ESPN Sports WMVP-A (ESPN 1000)/CHICAGO will host its 12th Annual Fantasy Draft Convention and Championship at JOE'S LIVE ROSEMONT, hosted by DAVID KAPLAN with ESPN fantasy expert FIELD YATES and injury analyst STEPHANIA BELL as special guests. Most of the station's local personalities will be on hand as well, including TOM WADDLE, MARC SILVERMAN, CARMEN DE FALCO, JOHN JURKOVIC, JONATHAN HOOD, STEVE MCMICHAEL, and DAN "BARSTOOL BIG CAT" KATZ, who will join WADDLE AND SILVY for a special podcast. An after-party will follow at MB FINANCIAL PARK with MCMICHAEL, DAN HAMPTON, and OTIS WILSON.
Then, ESPN Sports WEPN-F (ESPN NEW YORK 98.7FM)/NEW YORK will hold its 3rd annual Fantasy Football Convention at RESORTS WORLD CASINO in QUEENS, featuring hosts CHRIS CANTY, RICH DIPIETRO, DAVE ROTHENBERG, ANITA MARKS, and ALAN HAHN, along with ESPN Fantasy Expert MATTHEW BERRY, BELL, and ESPN INSIDER "Fantasy 32" columnist MIKE CLAY.
The network's primary fantasy podcast, "ESPN FANTASY FOCUS FOOTBALL PODCAST," with BERRY, YATES, and BELL, has returned to its daily schedule already, and ESPN RADIO will be bringing back "FANTASY FOCUS" with ROTHENBERG, ERIC KARABELL, and BOBBY CARPENTER, and "OPERATION FOOTBALL" with YATES.
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Countdown to New Orleans Saints Kickoff: A History of No. 41

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 11 srp 2017 07:46

The Minnesota Vikings will host the New Orleans Saints in just 41 days in the first of the NFL’s Monday Night Football double-header for opening weekend. Canal Street Chronicles continues our own series of countdown to kickoff; today we take a look at a few Saints players that have worn the No. 41. This jersey number typically identifies fullbacks, running-backs, linebackers, and occasionally hybrid defensive ends. Unlike my journey through the 70s, this segment of the list has many candidates.
Toi Cook (CB, 1987-1993)
Cook is one of the first Saints players that I could identify on sight and by name. He was drafted 207th overall in the 1987 draft, and embarked on a football career after being drafted by the Minnesota Twins. He turned the opportunity down. During his stint with Saints, Cook was a mix of good and bad, often ending up on the wrong end of big plays. By the end of his tenure in New Orleans, he was a savvy veteran corner and grabbed 6 interceptions in 1992 and returned one for a TD. Cook would last another season, then made his way to San Francisco and won a Super Bowl with 49ers. After 3 seasons, Toi tried out for the Denver Broncos before eventually signing with the Carolina Panthers. He is one of the former NFL players serving as an Ambassador for USA Football’s Heads Up Program.
Roman Harper (S, 2006–2013, 2016)
“ Roamin' “ Harper was selected 43rd overall in the 2006 draft and was all set to be a key member of the defense. Unfortunately, he landed on injured reserve in October and would miss the rest of the season. 2007 and moving forward, Harper became a fixture on the Saints defense while being used as more of a safety/linebacker hybrid who supported the run and rushed the passer with efficiency. He reached a career peak in 2009 earning a Pro Bowl nod and being a leader on the Super Bowl 44 defense. One of a few players who could be identified without a helmet on, his famous gray afro and beard have been the butt of more than a few 'old man' jokes. Roman is also remembered for being run down by quarterback Sam Bradford while returning a fumble recovery. He was later a cap casualty in 2014 and signed with the Panthers, hanging around for 2 years and playing in a Super Bowl with the kitties. Harper hit the road again and ended up back in New Orleans for another ride with the Saints. As of today, he is a free agent and has not retired.
Bob Newland (WR, 1971-1974)
Newland was a 7th round pick by the Saints in 1971. In four seasons, he caught 124 passes for 1,877 yards and 8 TDs, equivalent to a strong season in today's NFL. His best season in yards and catches was 1972 when he grabbed 47 passes for 579 yards. His most productive scoring season was 1973 when he caught 4 TD passes. As a fun fact, I'd like to share Newland's fantasy performance in his four NFL seasons: 1971 – 31 pts, 1972 – 69 pts, 1973 – 72 pts, & 1974 – 61 pts. IN his best fantasy season, he would have ranked 37th in the league, not too shabby. It appears that Newland was a bright spot in some dark years with the Saints.
Jimmy Rogers (RB, 1980-1984)
Rogers signed with the Saints in 1980 after finishing college and going undrafted in 1979. He spent a season on the practice roster of the Edmonton Eskimos and was rewarded with a Grey Cup, the Canadian Football League equivalent of Lombardi trophy. Rogers was the Saints top runner in 1980 and an awesome return man, covering 930 yards on kicks. Rogers was replaced by George Rogers in 1981 but stuck with the team for two additional seasons as a backup. For Jimmy it was business as usual being a backup as he sat behind Billy Sims in college. Between college football and his last 4 years in the Brandon Coleman Kids Jersey NFL, he spent his career waiting in the wings of Heisman trophy winners. What a life. Just call him 'the other Rogers'!
Other Saints players to wear #41: John Gilliam, William Strong, Erik Lorig, and Tim Carter
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Plenty of fight left in Patriots running back Brandon Bolden

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 11 srp 2017 08:28

So what else is new?
Six years since talking his way into an opportunity here at Gillette Stadium, Bolden is used to life on the edge.
“I didn’t expect to be here the first couple days actually. I told Bill [Belichick] first day if you give me the opportunity, I’m going to run with it, and I doubt you’ll catch me,” said Bolden. “He’s still playing chase back there.”
Bolden, a Mississippi product, ran for four yards last year. Four. And he hasn’t run for a TD since 2014. Still, here he is, fighting for a job for the sixth time in Patriots camp.
“That’s something you have to ask Bill. I gave up on that question a long time ago, I don’t know, why am I still here,” said the two-time Super Bowl champ. “I gave up on that. I just put my head down and work every day, it’s worked for me. Here we take every phase of the game seriously. I adopted that myself, so every time, it’s called for me on special teams, I take it as seriously as possible. Like I said, it’s worked for me in the past.
“Whether it’s offense, special teams, or they want me to go out there and play the three technique on defense, I’ll go do that, too.”
Bolden, while a non-factor in the run game recently, has been quite impactful in the kicking game. It’s the major reason he’s here. He just hopes he can keep the run going.
“I’ve been here six years now. It’s all I know,” he said. “I like it here. I’m very comfortable here. I’m into the program. Being here as long as I have, it’s a part of me.”
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The Two ‘Frickin’ Beasts’ That Give Ngata Faith In Lions’ D-

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 14 srp 2017 02:44

Haloti Ngata is confident the Lions’ defensive line will be able to generate more pressure on opposing quarterbacks this season.
Where that confidence stems from might surprise you.
“The guys we brought in in free agency. Akeem Spence and (Jordan) Hill are frickin’ beasts, man, in creating pressure and stopping the run,” Ngata said on Monday after practice.
Both Spence and Hill are five-year NFL vets. They weren’t highly-pursued free agents, not to the degree of Rick Wagner and T.J. Lang, nor were they hailed as immediate difference-makers. But, together, they give the interior of the Lions’ defensive line a different look behind starters Ngata and A’Shawn Robinson.
“With Spence and J-Hill being shifty, smaller guys and myself and A.R. being bigger, heavier guys, it changes it up for offensive linemen. I think we’re gonna have a great rotation this year,” said Ngata. “I’m excited.”
Ngata was speaking solely in regard to the defensive-tackle rotation, though he acknowledged the team has some promising pass rushers as well — Kerry Hyder and Ziggy Ansah were the first two he mentioned. The entire group has much to prove after finishing second to last in the NFL last year with 26 sacks.
Of those 26 sacks, the defensive tackles accounted for just 4.5.
GM Bob Quinn fortified that group through the draft and free agency. Thus far, it’s Spence and Hill who have stood out the most among the myriad additions.
“I think both guys, first of all, have been showing up,” said Jim Caldwell. “Pass rushing and obviously stopping the run. They both have quickness as well as explosiveness, and they stay low to the ground so their pad level is good.”
Spence spent his first four years in the league with the Buccaneers. His best season came in 2014 when he produced 37 tackles and three sacks. Hill broke in with the Seahawks and was making a name for himself before injuries slowed his success. He had 5.5 sacks in 2014.
“I’ve seen it before with J-Hill and Akeem,” Ngata said. “J-Hill, two years ago he was amazing. Got hurt last year so he wasn’t really on the radar of anybody. And Akeem has always been a big, shifty guy. I’ve known these guys. You watch the league every now and then, guys you kind of see on film, and Akeem and J-Hill were always one of those guys.”
On top of their physical attributes, Ngata has been seriously impressed with the rate at which Spence and Hill have assimilated within the team’s defense.
“They’ve picked it up so fast. I think they just kind of bought in faster. They bought into the system, they bought into what we wanted them to do and they just took off with it,” said Ngata. “Even my first year here it took me a little while to get it, so to see them get it so fast is just amazing.”
Spence and Hill have plenty left to prove. Jobs aren’t won on the practice field. What’s more, the success of the Lions’ defensive line rests more squarely on the shoulders of four returners: Ngata, Robinson, Ansah and Hyder.
Still, that unit appears to have something it lacked last Andy Lee Youth Jersey year in two potentially savvy additions.
“Right now,” said Caldwell, “they look like they’re supposed to – disruptive and having fun doing it.”
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Příspěvekod Angel92 » 14 srp 2017 03:36

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- After playing their first preseason game, the Falcons resumed their normal training camp activities Sunday with a few areas of emphasis in mind.
Some of the situations that coach Dan Quinn said the team focused on were the red zone and two-minute scenarios. Offensively, the Falcons scored two touchdowns and kicked a field goal after moving inside of the red zone against Miami on Thursday. On defense, Atlanta allowed a field goal and a touchdown when the Dolphins reached the red zone but also forced a turnover.
Best images from camp on Sunday
Day 18 highlights from training camp
Receivers and defensive backs go one on one
As the Falcons continued to put work into those aspects of the game, there were plenty of other takeaways from practice.
1. Julio back in action for 11-on-11 drills
Julio Jones continues to progress after his offseason foot surgery, and he made another positive stride forward.
Jones has received snaps during full-team periods at times in training camp, but he was often running as a decoy or away from the action. On Sunday, he was right in the thick of things and catching passes. After practice, Quinn said he was pleased with the way his All-Pro receiver looked.
“It was great for us, and for the team, getting (Julio) back in,” Quinn said. “He really put the work in on the rehab front as well. He looked fast, he looked explosive. I guess he was probably somewhere in the six-to-eight (reps range), and we’ll go a few more than that, but the way and the style and the intensity he practices with, it was good Derek Anderson Authentic Jersey to have him back in the mix today. Especially down in the red zone.”
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Auburn freshmen Barrett, Igbinoghene to get looks at kick re

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AUBURN --- Freshmen Devan Barrett and Noah Igbinoghene are both facing somewhat of an uphill climb toward playing time on offense in their debut seasons.
Barrett is among a crowded group of running backs fighting for playing time behind Kamryn Pettway and Kerryon Johnson. Igbinoghene is looking up at Nate Craig-Myers, Kyle Davis, Darius Slayton, Ryan Davis, Eli Stove, Will Hastings and more at wide receiver.
But that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to make an impact in their true freshman campaigns. Auburn will do live kickoff returns for the first time during today’s scrimmage inside Jordan-Hare Stadium, and both Barrett and Igbinoghene are expected to get a long look.
“I’m anxious to see those guys,” special teams coordinator Tim Horton said earlier in the week. “Based on high school video, based on what we’ve seen so far in camp — and we haven’t gone live yet in those two units, but we will Saturday — I’m anxious to take a look at those two guys and see if they could possibly be someone in those roles.”
Barrett proved a weapon with the ball in his hands during a standout prep career at Tampa Catholic High in Florida, totaling more than 4,000 yards and 44 career touchdowns. Last year alone he had 1,507 all-purpose yards and 11 scores in just nine games.
The 6-foot, 185-pound running back has been quick to impress teammates with his physicality since reporting to Auburn this summer, too. When Auburn did pass-protection drills early on during fall camp, Johnson said Barrett “didn’t shy away from contact.”
“Devan Barrett’s stock is going up,” Horton said. “He’s really doing a good job. It’s still just a little early, but boy, we’re pleased with him. The thing that you really don’t know sometimes is how tough is he going to be, and that’s something that, in the scrimmages, in the practices, we’ve been real pleased with. He likes the physical aspect of the game and has done a good job with that.”
Igbinoghene brings elite straight-line speed and an impressive running pedigree — his parents, Faith and Festus Igbinoghene, were both Olympic track athletes. He’s an impressive track athlete himself, having won the Class 7A long and triple jump state titles as a senior in May, while at Hewitt-Trussville.
But he’s not just a pure burner at wide receiver: Igbinoghene had more than 1,700 all-purpose yards and 18 touchdowns with the Huskies last season, and teammates say he has flashed route-running potential so far this fall.
“I think Noah has done a really nice job at wideout,” offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey said. “I’ve noticed him. He can really run, which we knew, but his ball skills have been really impressive. I have really enjoyed seeing him.”
Even if their skill sets don’t translate to early opportunity and production on offense, both players could provide immediate impact on a kickoff return unit in search of marked improvement after a down 2016 season. After ranking fourth nationally averaging 28 yards per return in 2015, the Tigers were 99th last year averaging just 19.04.
The fact that Barrett and Igbinoghene aren’t atop their respective positions on the depth chart could help them in their bid for the job, too. The other two options Horton is considering at kickoff return, Johnson and defensive back Javaris Davis, are both returning starters on offense and defense, respectively. Extra effort will be made to make sure they stay healthy and fresh.
“We want to put the best players on the field,” Horton said. “But at the same time, we’re really excited about some of these young returners.”
Whitlow appears likely to be a running back: JaTarvious Whitlow was a star quarterback at LaFayette High. He signed with nearby Auburn University to play wide receiver.
It looks like he may line up at neither for the Tigers.
More important than which position he played, Whitlow said before enrolling on the Plains this summer, was getting the ball in his hands by any method possible.
This fall, that method has been out of the backfield at running back.
“That was interesting,” Horton said. “We obviously James Bradberry Kids Jersey didn’t recruit him as a running back. We recruited him as probably a wide receiver and an athlete. And then basically what happened was, this summer, we just wanted to make sure we had enough depth at running back.
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