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Redskins: So, apparently, Arie Kouandjio is good now

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 09 lis 2017 02:43

The ‘Djio is back with a vengeance. Don’t look him in the eyes.
In the face of devastating injuries on the offensive line, Arie Kouandjio was included in the starting lineup for the Redksins on Sunday against the Seahawks. Fans prepared for the worst, remembering the scrutiny Kouandjio received in the preseason for his poor blocking.
In the end, however, the worst never came. The Redskins’ offensive line did give up four sacks in a 17-14 win over the Seahawks, but Kouandjio did not surrender a single sack. He was perfect in pass protection, against a defensive front that featured Frank Clark, Michael Bennett, Jarran Reed, Dwight Freeney, K.J. Wright, and Bobby Wagner.
Perfect. Against the Seahawks. With revolving door T.J. Clemmings at his side.
No, do not pinch yourself. That would hurt.
Yes, Kouandjio was perfect in pass protection, and his run blocking wasn’t bad either, although the whole offensive line struggled with that, to some extent. Kouandjio finished the day with a grade of 81.0 on Pro Football Focus, which is classified as ‘above-average’. It was truly a surprise performance for the 2015 fourth round pick, and it was one that really flew under the radar. Kirk Cousins was under attack all game long. But he doesn’t have Kouandjio to blame for that. Turns out, all he needed as a wakeup call was to get released and signed back!
The supposed emergence of Arie Kouandjio comes at an opportune time. Most of the Redskins’ offensive line is ailing; four starters and a backup sat out on Sunday, including both starting guards. The timetables for their respective returns are unclear. Lauvao is battling a stinger in his neck, while Scherff is still healing from an MCL sprain suffered a couple weeks ago. The Redskins signed Kouandjio, who spent the first two years of his career in Washington before being cut this preseason, just a couple of weeks ago to provide depth on a hurting offensive line. So far, it appears as if he’s done that, and more.
Even if the starters return fairly soon from this point onward, Kouandjio’s role shouldn’t diminish. While Shawn Lauvao has been serviceable this year, he’s had his fair share of drawbacks, as always. The Redskins appear to have a good thing going with Kouandjio at left guard and Tyler Catalina providing depth on the right side. Both players are getting more and more comfortable in their roles, and Kouandjio, in particular, appears to be much further along than anticipated.
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Halladay and his dad were the model for baseball families

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 09 lis 2017 03:47

ESPN the Magazine contributing writer Robert Sanchez grew up in Aurora, Colorado, with Roy Halladay, going to school and playing Little League together.
I'd never seen anything like it.
Back in the 1980s, when we were kids in Aurora, Colorado, I'd go to Roy Halladay's house, and we'd always wind up in his basement. Down there, even as a third-grader, Roy and his father were plotting greatness.
Thirty years later, the memories are hazy, but I still remember the mattress. Roy's father -- a strapping, gregarious pilot -- mounted it on a wall. There, night after night, Roy II worked with his son, watching him throw. He'd offer mechanical tweaks on Roy's arm slot and on foot placement and describe how a pitcher should square up after the delivery to field a ball. Roy's father wanted his son to understand and love the game. Most of all, Roy's father wanted to be a good dad.
Baseball is a sport often passed from fathers to sons, on dirt fields with dandelions and buffalo grass sprouting in the outfield. It comes while watching a game on television together or reading about it in a bedtime book. It comes in those monumental moments when a man tosses a ball high into the air and watches his son make his first catch. It comes on that second catch, when a father realizes it wasn't a fluke. It comes when that kid digs in against a hard-throwing righty, gets plunked between the shoulder blades and pulls himself off the ground. It comes in those basement moments such as the ones between the two Halladays. In the best hands, those moments can be times for a man to grow closer to his boy, to pass along early concepts of trust and faith and disappointment and pain and longing.
Roy and I were close early-elementary school friends. We'd meet at the park before school and play catch. At recess, we'd see who could throw a tennis ball against a wall the hardest. (You can imagine who always won.) Even back then, not many kids got a hit off Roy. We played our first Little League season together in the early 1980s. Then Roy's father started a team called the Padres. Roy's team always won. He always loaded up on strikeouts, sending kids back to the bench. No one cried or got mad. Even then, we knew -- it was Roy Halladay who was on the rubber.
On tiny Little League fields south and east of Denver, Roy became known for the uncommon speed and accuracy of his pitches and the meticulous quietness with which he went about his game. He was already a burgeoning Doc, with the seeds of his All-Star persona already planted and sprouting. Roy was a third-grader who could play like a middle-schooler, but he never lorded his gifts over anyone. He and his father knew he was special in ways no one else would become, but they didn't say it.
Roy II nurtured his son. They started working together in that basement when Roy was about 5 years old. The idea was brilliant, especially in Colorado, where snow can limit outside practice, especially in the winter and spring. Roy would throw hundreds of balls each week. The basement workout area allowed the pair to talk, to play, to bond. Baseball was fun for Roy because his father made it that way. It was their time together. Later, when Roy and his family moved north to Arvada, Colorado, his father made sure the basement was big enough for Roy to pitch. Roy II added a pitching machine and a tire through which his son could throw. The work -- and the bond -- continued.
When my own son started playing baseball five or so years ago, we moved into a new house. I made sure to tell my wife that we weren't finishing the basement -- at least not now. I bought a pitching machine and put up netting. I brought down a pitching rubber and a plate. I dragged down an old mattress and put it against the wall.
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New book tabs 1978 Steelers as Pittsburgh's greatest title t

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 09 lis 2017 04:38

Terry Bradshaw played a major part in what was just dubbed as Pittsburgh's greatest championship team.
In his new book titled "Pittsburgh's Greatest Sports Teams," author David Finoli tabbed the 1978 Steelers are the greatest championship team in Pittsburgh history. The 1902 Pirates are next on the list, following by the 1975 Steelers, the 1935 Crawfords, the 1909 Pirates, the 1931 Grays, Pitt football's 1976 team, the 1925 Pirates, last year's Penguins' team and the 2008 Steelers championship club.
After a disappointing 1977 season, the '78 Steelers dominated the opposition, winning 14 game in the NFL's first 16 game regular season. Pittsburgh then dismantled the defending AFC champion Broncos in the first round of the playoffs before crushing divisional rival Houston in the AFC title game, 34-5.
In Super Bowl XIII, Bradshaw, the 1978 NFL MVP, set a then Super Bowl record with 318 yards and four touchdowns in Pittsburgh's 35-31 victory over the Cowboys in a matchup that determined who would be forever known as the "Team of the 70's." Trailing 14-7, Bradshaw and John Stallworth connected on a then Super Bowl record 75 yards touchdown pass before Bradshaw ended the half with a go-ahead touchdown strike to Rocky Bleier.
The Steelers never trailed from that point forward, Franco Harris' 22-yard touchdown run and Bradshaw's 18-yard touchdown pass to Lynn Swann icing Pittsburgh's third Super Bowl victory of the decade and second victory over the rival Cowboys in the Big Game.
While they went on to win their fourth Super Bowl the following season and two more Vince Lombardi Trophies this century, the 1978 Steelers stand as the measurement by while all Pittsburgh championship teams are measured.
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Clock ticking for Clay Matthews, Jordy Nelson to get back to

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 09 lis 2017 06:55

GREEN BAY, Wis. — There’s quarterback Aaron Rodgers plus receiver Jordy Nelson and right tackle Bryan Bulaga on offense. There’s safety Morgan Burnett and linebacker Clay Matthews on defense, plus kicker Mason Crosby.
Look around the Green Bay Packers’ locker room, and those are the only six players who remain from the franchise’s last Super Bowl team.
All of them no doubt yearn for a second Super Bowl, but two of them have to know their time is running shorter than the others. It isn’t Crosby or Rodgers, even though they’re the oldest among those players, at age 33. Kickers and quarterbacks can play until 40 — or beyond.
It isn’t Bulaga or Burnett; they’re both only 28.
It’s Matthews, 31, and Nelson, 32.
Both have contracts that expire after next season, and both play positions predicated on speed and athleticism, two things that can decline quickly. Both no doubt took it hard when Rodgers went on injured reserve last month because of his broken collarbone, knowing deep down that another year might pass without a return trip to the big game, even if the competitors in them won’t admit it.
“Is it going to be tough sledding this year?” Matthews said in an interview this past week. “Absolutely, but hopefully we can weather the storm until Aaron gets back. I don’t know. You just hope you get hot at the right time, and we’ve done that before.”
“I don’t know if it’s dwindling,” Matthews said of his chance to get another Super Bowl title. “But if you have the nucleus we have — championship teams usually have a great defense and a star quarterback. We’ve got the star quarterback, and we’ve shown flashes on defense. We’re a couple of plays away. … We ran into Atlanta last year in the NFC title game, and that was a buzz saw. I don’t know if we’re losing opportunities. Those opportunities are there. It’s just a matter of capitalizing. Unfortunately, we haven’t.”
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Příspěvekod Angel92 » 09 lis 2017 07:54

Congressman Jeff Denham (R-Turlock) last week handed over 12 interviews of Valley veterans - including Walt Butler of Ceres - to the Library of Congress as part of the Veterans History Project, with remarks from the Librarian of Congress and Veterans History Project director.
The Veterans History Project was created through an act of Congress in 2000 and invites veterans from conflicts ranging from World War I to the Iraq War to share their story through audio or visual interviews, memoirs or photographic documentation for archival with the Library of Congress.
Denham and his staff recorded stories from 12 veterans living in his district, with excerpts from 11 shared on his Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages as part of his #TVT initiative. Thank-a-Vet Thursday (#TVT) is a social media initiative Denham created to spotlight and thank veterans for their service.
Denham interviewed Butler with a one-minute, 10-second snippet viewable on YouTube by searching for #TVT Walt Butler. Former Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Butler recounted his early days in the Navy and his basic training experience over his winter break as a senior in high school. He later served in combat during the Vietnam War.
Other veterans interviewed were:
· World War II Veteran Robert Allenby, 93, who recounts his time in "A-school" and his first assignment to a secret squadron working on radio controlled drones.
· Former Seaman Sandy Placencia who describes building the newly-authorized rockets aboard the USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
· Retired U.S. Army Captain Sue Max who recounts her struggle to reintegrate into civilian life after returning from service in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
· Retired Rear Admiral and almond farmer Mike Seward who tells of his arrival in Somalia as part of Operation Restore Hope with the U.S. Coast Guard.
·Veteran Al Menshew remembers hearing the U.S. was at war. He shipped out to Korea for six months shortly after.
· Retired U.S. Army Specialist and Afghanistan combat veteran Jack Griffith who shares his pride for his country and offers advice to future generations.
· Vietnam veteran Ron Cruz who shares the ‘Welcome Home' plaque given to him by his wife.
· Marine Jerry Macias, a Vietnam War veteran, remembers using what he could find on the ground to help him see movement in the pitch black of night. Jerry later was awarded a Navy Commendation medal for putting his life on the line to help a squad of Marines overtake enemy guns.
· Larry "Butch" Teague shares photos and recounts his arrival in Vietnam as a marine at age 18.
· Roy Lee Haury, a Korean War combat veteran, recounts his introduction to night vision while deployed and Denham presenting him with his brother's missing Purple Heart at the World War II memorial during an Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. Haury's brother, Marvin, died in World War II.
Rep. Denham invites and encourages social media users to post words of gratitude, photos or videos of veterans in their community using #TVT to recognize and raise awareness of the great history of the nation's armed services and servicemembers.
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Intel’s Rio Rancho plant develops new tech niche

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 09 lis 2017 09:09

RIO RANCHO — Intel Corp. in Rio Rancho has carved out a new technology niche for itself that’s key to the global chip maker’s continuing worldwide expansion, bringing an end to employee downsizing at the plant, at least for now.
That’s welcome news for Rio Rancho, where the company’s workforce has plummeted from about 3,300 in 2013 to 1,200 as of last December.
Downsizing in recent years reflected the plant’s aging chip technology compared with Intel facilities elsewhere that have received huge corporate investments to move production into more advanced chips with greater data-processing capabilities.
But even with the downsizing, engineering teams in Rio Rancho over the last few years have managed to leapfrog ahead of other Intel plants and the semiconductor industry in general by developing new methods to fuse optics technology, or lasers, with traditional silicon-based electronics circuits. It’s next-generation technology that uses light to immensely speed data transfer, compared to traditional digital communications that rely on electronics to transfer and process information.
The semiconductor industry is scrambling to develop the new technology to manage high-speed data transfer in a hyper-connected world that provides instant access for consumers using everything from smartphones and computers to high-definition TV. And it’s key to Intel’s efforts to maintain market dominance in the data center industry, where the company provides most of the communications processing components used to manage huge computer servers and networks.
That work could bring some needed stability to Rio Rancho.
“We have no plans now for further staff reductions,” said Katie Prouty, who took over last summer as site manager for Intel in New Mexico. “We’ve even done some hiring on site this year.”
Any hiring will not replace the number of employees laid off. In fact, the workforce may now be lower than it was last December. The company won’t announce employment totals until it delivers its annual report to the Sandoval County Commission next April.
With the new technology work now under way, plus its traditional chip-making activities, the Rio Rancho site remains critical.
“(It) continues to be a very important part of our global manufacturing network,” Intel spokeswoman Linda Qian said.
Last year, Intel began incorporating Rio Rancho’s new technology into new products for data centers, making the local plant a critical cog in the company’s global manufacturing network as it penetrates deeper into the data-processing industry.
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Bell, Brown & 'D' stepped up big

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 09 lis 2017 10:13

The Steelers and Colts broke bread on Thanksgiving, and it would be the Steelers who would feast on this night.
set a single-game career-high with three touchdown receptions, including a 25-yard touchdown reception in the first quarter and a 33-yard grab in the second quarter. He closed out his scoring with a 22-yard touchdown reception in the fourth quarter.
Brown finished the night with five receptions for 91 yards.
“I appreciate it. I don’t take it for granted,” said Coach Mike Tomlin of Brown’s performance. “But I am not surprised by it. He is a hard, diligent worker, a talented guy, so he is maximizing his opportunities.”
Le’Veon Bell carried the ball 23 times for 120 yards and a five-yard touchdown on the Steelers’ opening drive. He also had four receptions for 22 yards.
“A lot of credit to the guys up front,” said Ben Roethlisberger. “They opened holes for Le’Veon. They gave me time in the pass game. And guys made plays.”
The defense was asked to stop the Colts not once, but twice from the one-yard line on fourth down. And both times they did their job, coming up with two crucial goal-line stands.
The Colts had a first down at the two-yard line with 3:18 to play in the first half. Sean Davisstopped Frank Gore for no gain, followed by a stop by Ricardo Mathews after Gore picked up just a yard. On third-and-one from the one-yard line Davis stepped up again, stopping Scott Tolzien for no gain. On fourth-and-one Mike Mitchell broke up Tolzien’s pass, turning the ball over on downs. In the fourth quarter it was more of the same when the Colts had first-and-goal at the Steelers’ six-yard line. Lawrence Timmons held Robert Turbin to a two-yard gain, and then kept Gore at bay, allowing him just a two-yard gain. On third down Tolzien scrambled, but was stopped by Mitchell for a one-yard gain. On fourth-and-one the defense came up with their second stop of the night when Tolzien threw incomplete to Phillip Dorsett.
“Really more than anything it was two nice plays by safeties,” said Tomlin. “In one instance Sean Davis, the quarterback was scrambling and he made the definitive decision to come out of coverage and make a tackle. I think the other one was Mike Mitchell in a similar way. Those were two significant plays by pass defenders first to come out of coverage. You get significant plays like that you’ve got a chance to have a stand.”
Listen to the original radio broadcast of this game. Steelers Time Machine debuts on SNR each Wednesday. Click here for more information.
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USC men’s basketball: High hopes despite uncertainty

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 10 lis 2017 02:34

In an intricate analogy late last season, Elijah Stewart compared the state of USC’s men’s basketball program to that of Harry Potter.
As detailed in the best-selling book series, the <a href=""></a> fictional wizard lived for most of his childhood in a cupboard under the stairwell at the home of his aunt and uncle.
“No love,” Stewart explained.
The Trojans were then on the bubble of the NCAA Tournament, vying for an at-large berth in the 68-team field, and he believed they were overlooked.
So how does Stewart now feel about his team, which begins a much-anticipated season Friday against Cal State Fullerton? USC returned all but one scholarship player after advancing to the tournament’s round of 32 in March and was ranked in the preseason Top 10 for the first time in four decades, widely expected to contend for the Final Four despite the backdrop of an FBI corruption investigation.
The similarities with Harry Potter continue, Stewart deadpanned after a practice at the Galen Center this week. Despite humble beginnings, young Harry grew into the “king of the wizards,” Stewart said, hinting at a similar trajectory for the Trojans.
“Harry Potter started to get more respect as the trilogy went on,” he said.
Along with point guard Jordan McLaughlin, Stewart is one of two seniors on USC’s roster who were brought in as part of coach Andy Enfield’s first recruiting class in 2014.
“It started off rough,” McLaughlin said, “but got better each year.”
In their first season on campus, the Trojans finished eight games below .500.
“People were making fun of me,” Stewart said. “‘Loser going to USC. You’re going to lose there too.’”
The fortunes changed. USC made the NCAA Tournament in consecutive seasons, including a record 26 wins last season, a program simmering with talent and on the cusp of national prominence.
“I didn’t predict top-10,” McLaughlin said, “but I predicted we would get better every single year.”
Much of their expectations for this season stem from avoiding much attrition, an issue in previous years when several players transferred or unexpectedly turned pro.
A third of the roster toyed with entering the NBA draft after last season. Ultimately all the underclassmen remained in school, including big men Bennie Boatwright, the team’s leading scorer, and Chimezie Metu, who won the Pac-12’s most improved player award last season. None transferred either, leaving a more veteran-laden group.
“I felt, with me coming back and other guys <a href=""></a> coming back, that it would be a great team,” Metu said, “and a great opportunity for us to win a national championship.”
An FBI probe into corruption in college basketball has seemingly threatened to hamper those hopes this season.
In late September, USC associate head coach Tony Bland was placed on administrative leave after he was among 10 men charged in the bribery and corruption case and was indicted by a federal grand jury Tuesday. Prosecutors allege Bland earlier this year accepted $13,000 in exchange for steering players to a former sports agent and financial advisor. The FBI’s complaint also alleged Bland provided $9,000 in cash envelopes to the families of two unnamed current players, a development that could threaten their NCAA eligibility.
Asked Monday if all of their players would be available for the season opener Friday, Enfield said, “Everybody’s practicing.”
De’Anthony Melton, a versatile sophomore guard, was held out of recent scrimmages. Enfield declined to cite a reason.
The FBI report identified the two unnamed players as a freshman and a sophomore.
In an interview last month, USC athletic director Lynn Swann said the university would make determinations on players’ eligibility.
“Andy is focused on coaching the basketball team and rightfully so,” Swann said. “These are the things he can control.”
USC swiftly hired former FBI Director Louis Freeh and his company to conduct an internal investigation, but Swann said it would be preceded by the FBI investigation, adding to some uncertainty.
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Farrell goes for 3-peat; Steelers face Spa for District 10 C

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 10 lis 2017 04:04

It’s simple, but simultaneously complex.
What’s that, you say?
“Cambridge Springs wants it bad. Farrell Steelers want it bad. The team that plays the hardest (to)night is the one that’s gonna win it.”
Farrell High Head Coach Jarrett Samuels’ explanation may sound like an oversimplification, but there’s much merit to it. However when injuries are factored in, winning becomes more difficult.
“Everyone says you have to have that ‘next man up mentality,’ but there are certain guys at this level that you can’t replace,” Samuels emphasized. “ ... Everyone in the county has those dynamic guys who are irreplaceable. Coaches can say that (next man up), but all you can do at this point is line up the guys you have and play as hard as you can (to)night.”
Farrell (8-2) faces Cambridge Springs (7-3) today at 7 p.m. at Greenville’s Stewart Field/Snyder-Stone Stadium for the District 10 Class 1A championship. The Steelers are seeking the program’s second 3-peat during Samuels’ stint.
This is a Region 1A regular-season rematch. In week 8 at Anthony J. Paulekas Stadium/Falconi Field the Steelers squeezed past the Spa (20-13).
“ ... Our guys were just getting beat. We were in the right coverages; but honestly, their guys just ran right by our guys,” Samuels recalled.
Stopping Spa signal-caller Noah Reisenauer is priority one for Farrell. Reisenauer has rushed for 1,035 yards (8.1 yards/carry, 14 TDs) and passed for 1,433 yards and 20 TDs (73 completions in 144 attempts, only 4 interceptions), according to
“That’s the main focus: Limit what (Reisenauer) can do to us,” Samuels said. “He’s dangerous ... he’s a wild-card. He’s the best quarterback we’ve seen all year. He was the only quarterback who’s been able to complete long passes on us (14- and 38-yard TD tosses to tight end Zach Boylan). He’s very good at keeping the play alive, so we’ve gotta stay in our coverages.
“I wouldn’t say they were breakdowns,” Samuels said, candidly admitting, “Our guys just got beat. ... So we’re stressing to our guys that we can’t get beat over the top.”
“(Reisenauer) has a lot of confidence in his receivers, and he also runs the ball. He can take the ball and run on counters, off-tackle, and he can go the distance,” Samuels praised.
To Samuels’ earlier point, here’s the problem for Farrell: In all likelihood the Steelers will be missing starters Brandon Chambers (meniscus knee ligament), Kyi Wright (ankle) and Gary Hopson (broken foot). At the single-A level, essentially that’s 6 positions, since most players go both ways.
“Gary Hopson, our defensive tackle, that may be the bigger blow ‘cause we’re so thin up front,” Samuels said. “He was just starting to come on –– on both sides of the ball. So that’s a big loss.”
The Blue Devils’ balance is impressive. According to they have rushed for 1,966 yards and 21 TDs and passed for 1,472 yards and 20 TDs. Defensively, the Devils have registered 9 interceptions, 13 quarterback sacks and 60 tackles-for-loss.
To counter Cambridge Samuels promises, “ ... different schemes –– a whole lot different. We don’t want them to spread us out, so we have to put pressure on (Reisenauer). We don’t want to give him time to throw the ball, because he did have a lot of time (in the regular-season game). ... We’ll have to try to confuse him by giving him different looks.
“I’m sure they have a lot of confidence. They only lost (to Farrell) by seven points, so I’m sure their confidence is riding high, and I’m sure they want to redeem themselves,” Samuels said. “But, we’re also confident. We’re coming on. Our game plan is to establish the run first, then use the run to set the pass up.”
Isaac Clarke orchestrates the offense for Farrell. In his first and lone season with the Steelers Clarke already has set single-game (336 yards) and single-season (25 TDs) passing records. He tossed 2 TDs to Jourdan Townsend in last week’s win over West Middlesex, and the latter has set a single-season Mercer County mark for TD receptions (18).
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Michael Irvin defends Tony Romo after Deion Sanders' attack:

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 10 lis 2017 07:27

Deion Sanders unleashed an epic rant aimed at Tony Romo after the former Cowboys quarterback made a joke about the hall-of-fame corner’s tackling ability during the Chiefs-Cowboys broadcast.
Here’s Romo’s joke…
And here’ Sanders’ response…
Romo’s joke was light-hearted in nature; Sanders’ response was oddly personal, which Cowboys legend Michael Irvin, who says he’s friendly with both guys, did not like. He talked about the feud during an appearance on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas.
We’re with Irvin on this one. Sanders joked numerous times throughout his career about his disinterest in tackling. If he’s allowed to joke about it, others should be able to do so as well. Especially if it isn’t a personal attack.
Lighten up, Deion.
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Jake Fromm on the road: A concern for Georgia or a false nar

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 10 lis 2017 08:26

Welcome back to the UGA Mailbag, where each week we invite readers ask our expertise (low bar) about Georgia football, UGA athletics or whatever springs to mind. This week we delve into RPOs, and asked the questions: Why does “deep” have be in the South’s Oldest Rivalry name? Did Kirby Smart and Nick Saban play possum last weekend? Plus, over-under predictions on Georgia and Auburn, and a deep discussion on a quality TV show.
But first, as you may be able to tell from the headline, we begin with a question about Georgia’s freshman quarterback:
Before UGA started running up the score against Tennessee and took the crowd out the game, I remember Jake Fromm having trouble with the crowd noise and checking plays at the line. Do you see the crowd noise affecting Fromm this weekend? If so, how much?
– BearDawg
This idea that Fromm has trouble on the road seems like a false narrative … until you look at the stats.
Fromm at home: 69.3%, 11.7 yards per attempt, 10 TD, 1 INT
Fromm on the road/neutral: 55%, 6.9 ypa, 5 TD, 3 INT
The Tennessee game is the closest corollary to what Fromm is about to face, as the Notre Dame game was close to if not an even crowd split, so was Vanderbilt, and Florida definitely was. At Neyland Stadium, with about 100,000 orange fans yelling, Fromm began the game 0-for-4 while taking a sack, before getting going on the third drive and completing five passes for 62 yards on that drive including the touchdown to make it 10-0. Then Georgia basically stopped passing and Fromm finished with only 22 more passing yards.
It doesn’t feel like Fromm has struggled on the road. Even with the Notre Dame crowd being such as it was, it was still impressive for him to deal with that and win, though it was by no means a perfect performance. Fromm just has that aura about him, that “it factor” as teammates said even before the trip to Notre Dame, where it seems like you don’t have to worry about him being rattled. He also seems to be one of those short-memory guys, as evidenced by the way he’s followed up his turnovers this year, some of them costly: By shaking them off and playing well the rest of the game.
None of this is to say that the dam couldn’t break this weekend. Auburn is likely to keep this game closer than Tennessee did, and if Fromm does struggle the way he did at the outset at Neyland, the Bulldogs probably aren’t going to be able to just hand the ball off and coast the rest of the way. I could see a scenario where Fromm finally meets his match with the Auburn defense and the crowd.
But I won’t predict that.
It seems like RPO’s are all the rage. So I was wondering: What technique is being taught to the O line when the play is a RPO? It used to make me crazy when Auburn would have 3/4 linemen 4/5 yards past the line of scrimmage and then Cam would pull up and chunk one downfield. As David Pollack once said, “it’s cheating”. So how does an offensive lineman stay legal when he doesn’t know if the play will turn out to be a run or a pass?
(This new fangled offensive game drives me nuts. I’m so old, we were taught to grab our own jerseys so we didn’t get called for holding!)
– Frank from McDonough
Frank, this is a good question, and a well-timed one: I received it Wednesday afternoon just before interviews, so I trotted out to Isaiah Wynn and put your question to him: How much does it affect how you block?
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FBS Notebook: No change at top of CFP rankings

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 10 lis 2017 09:30

The second College Football Playoffs rankings released Tuesday night looked very much like the first one released a week ago, although games this weekend could have impact going forward.
The top five teams this week, as chosen by the 13-member selection committee, were identical to the top five teams a week ago, with Georgia (9-0) holding the No. 1 spot, followed by No. 2 Alabama (9-0), No. 3 Notre Dame (8-1) and No. 4 Clemson (8-1). Those would be the four teams involved in the College Football Playoff if it were held today.
But these ranking don’t matter at all at this point. The pairings for the four-team national championship playoff are not determined until the final CFP rankings come out on Dec. 3.
Holding the fifth spot again this week is Oklahoma (8-1). The newcomer to the top six is TCU (8-1), as Ohio State, which was No. 6 a week ago, slipped all the way to No. 13 following its 55-24 loss to Iowa.
Unbeaten Miami (8-0) moved up from No. 10 to No. 7 following its victory over Virginia Tech, while unbeaten Wisconsin (9-0) moved up just one spot to No. 8.
Washington (8-1) comes in at No. 9, and Auburn (7-2), the highest ranked two-loss team, is No. 10.
Auburn hosts Georgia this Saturday in game that will have an impact on the rankings. The other Saturday game with significant ranking ramifications is Notre Dame’s game at Miami. Notre Dame’s only loss was by one point against Georgia.
–Two players from Alabama’s 2009 national championship team accepted cash in exchange for signing their names to memorabilia, Sports Illustrated reported.
Cliff Panezich, who sold signed sports memorabilia, told the magazine that he and associate Adam Bollinger paid Crimson Tide players Marquis Johnson and Terrence Cody $200 and $400, respectively, in December 2009.
Johnson denied that he was paid for his autograph and told Sports Illustrated that he did not know Panezich. Cody, through his agent, declined comment.
Other players mentioned in the report include cornerback Rod Woodson and tight end Colin Peek. Defensive back Ali Sharrief and quarterback Greg McElroy were also included in the story, although Panezich said those two declined compensation in order to comply with NCAA rules.
Panezich pleaded guilty in December 2016 to aggravated theft, identity fraud, telecommunications fraud, money laundering, engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity and three counts of forgery with a forfeiture specification. He was sentenced to six years in prison.
–Florida Gators wide receiver Kadarius Toney and defensive end Jachai Polite have been ruled out for Saturday’s game at South Carolina, the team announced.
Toney and Polite are nursing shoulder injuries for the Gators (3-5, 3-4 SEC).
Toney has recorded 117 rushing yards and 115 receiving this season while Polite has registered 22 tackles and two sacks.
–Florida State has rescheduled its football game against Louisiana-Monroe for Saturday, Dec. 2 at noon, the university announced..
The contest was originally scheduled for Sept. 9 but was canceled due to Hurricane Irma.
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Ben Roethlisberger, hiding in plain sight

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 10 lis 2017 10:38

After the loss, the Steelers, wet with sweat and rain, stream into the tunnel of Heinz Field. Their faces register disgust, distress or disillusionment -- or all three -- as they file into the locker room following a 30-9 dismantling by Jacksonville. Le'Veon Bell locks his eyes on the floor, Martavis Bryant shakes his head, David DeCastro winces. Only one player enters with his helmet still on. You can't see his eyes. You can't read him at all.
Ben Roethlisberger prefers to stay hidden.
Sometimes he hides behind masks, other times behind doors. Most often, behind his words.
In the minutes following what was, perhaps, the worst outing in his 14 years in the league, he emerges from the shower and takes a seat in front of his locker. There's a purple bruise on his thigh. Another at the top of his back, below the spot where he had a Chinese symbol tattooed near his shoulder. Scratches, bright pink and fresh, bloom on his waist just above his towel -- new tokens of another NFL Sunday in a lifetime full of them.
He slips on a pair of dark jeans, straps an Apple Watch to his wrist, drops his keys into his pocket, and turns around to face the onslaught. Roethlisberger will try to make sense of his five interceptions, two of which were returned for touchdowns. He'll try to offer answers for why he threw 55 times but never once for six points. He'll try to explain how he became the first quarterback ever to manage that exact combination of futility in a single game.
"Somebody, please," he implores a mob of reporters that has tightened its ring around him, but not yet posed a question. At his prodding, though, the interrogation comes. And a moment later, the reckoning.
"Maybe I don't have it anymore," he says.
Roethlisberger is kidding, of course. What, him worry?
No, wait, he's serious. Here, in front of his locker, he's owning his mortality, a concession to that inevitable thief, time, and the way it robs even elite quarterbacks eventually. Like he owned it in January, when he publicly pondered retirement. Like he owned it in July when he grappled with how chronic traumatic encephalopathy ravages a football player's brain and, in the end, his body.
No, actually, he's glib. He's just frustrated, forced to forensically dissect the myriad ways he failed this Sunday afternoon, his flippancy morphing into self-flagellation. Because 30 seconds later, to the same mob of reporters and the same tightening ring, he rejects any notion of creeping self-doubt whatsoever. "If anybody in this room ever has that doubt, they probably aren't here," he says. "You know what I'm saying?"
And isn't that the rub of this 14-year journey? We don't know. The quarterback who has juked and shimmied and scrambled his way to a Hall of Fame-worthy NFL career is not just hard to catch on the field.
We are never quite sure what it is Ben Roethlisberger is actually, truly saying.
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Wednesday's TV highlights: 'Mr. Robot' on USA

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 11 lis 2017 03:21

Riverdale When an article written by Alice (Madchen Amick) sparks tensions, Jughead (Cole Sprouse) steps into the role of peacekeeper. Also, Betty (Lili Reinhart) turns to Archie (KJ Apa) for support when she gets a threatening ultimatum. Camila Mendes, Marisol Nichols, Luke Perry, Madelaine Petsch and Mark Consuelos also star, and Graham Phillips guest stars. 8 p.m. KTLA
Empire Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) and others try to cover for Lucious’ (Terrence Howard) memory problem. Forest Whitaker and Demi Moore guest star. 8 p.m. Fox
Nature A cheetah mother raises five newborns, teaching them how to hunt on the African plains. 8 p.m. KOCE and KPBS
Dynasty The growing rivalry between Fallon and Cristal (Elizabeth Gillies, Nathalie Kelley) intensifies when they compete to be on the cover of a magazine, while Steven's (James Mackay) former boyfriend suddenly shows up. 9 p.m. KTLA
NOVA Wrapping up a series of episodes on natural disasters, "Killer Floods" examines recent deluges that have caused widespread devastation in a short time. 9 p.m. KOCE and PBS
Iron Chef Showdown Florida's Lindsay Autry takes on Chicago's Matt Kerney and the winner faces Iron Chef Bobby Flay in a showdown in the Thanksgiving-themed season premiere, 9 p.m. Food Network. The new series "Iron Chef: Behind the Battle" follows at 10.
The Story of Us With Morgan Freeman At a time when the whole world seems to be polarizing into irreconcilable camps, Freeman tries to identify the forces that push people apart in a new episode titled "Us and Them." 9 p.m. National Geographic
Chicago P.D. The massacre of a supposedly ideal family leads to an uncomfortable partnering of Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) and a vice cop with whom she has a past (guest star Will Traval) in this new episode. Mykelti Williamson and Wendell Pierce also guest star. 10 p.m. NBC
South Park No amount of peer pressure can get Heidi to break up with Cartman, and Kyle doesn't understand why in this new episode of the animated comedy. 10 p.m. Comedy Central
The A Word This British drama about two interrelated families adjusting to the autism diagnosis of a young member picks up the action two years after Season 1, as Joe (Max Vento), now 7, is becoming aware that he doesn't fit in with many of his friends. Lee Ingleby, Morven Christie, Christopher Eccleston and Pooky Quesnel also star. 10 p.m. Sundance
Mr. Robot Elliot (Rami Malek) is on the run and Darlene (Carly Chaikin) tries to help in this new episode.10 p.m. USA
Ozzy and Jack's World Detour Ozzy and Jack Osbourne embark on a new road trip, this time in a vintage 1973 GMC camper, the same RV in which Ozzy toured with Black Sabbath as he was just starting his career in America in the season premiere of this unscripted series. 10 p.m. A&E
The 51st Annual CMA Awards Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley mark their 10th anniversary as hosts as country music again honors its own in Nashville. Miranda Lambert (who will also perform) leads this year’s nominees with five bids, while Keith Urban and Little Big Town are tied with four each. Other scheduled performers include Garth Brooks, Brothers Osborne, Luke Bryan and Eric Church. 8 p.m. ABC
Danica Racing superstar Danica Patrick is profiled in this new special. 8 p.m. EPIX
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Michigan State defense revival began in 2016 close loss to O

Příspěvekod Angel92 » 11 lis 2017 04:10

EAST LANSING – Michigan State’s fate had been sealed and there was nothing to lose. Coach Mark Dantonio knew all week that if the Spartans had a chance against Ohio State that he would go for 2.
It came with a little less than 5 minutes left in the game. And it didn’t connect.
The result was another in a string of disappointments last season, but MSU’s 17-16 loss proved to be the starting point for the defensive resurgence the 16th-ranked Spartans are experiencing this year.
“Obviously we’re a whole new football team,” sophomore safety David Dowell said Wednesday. “I think the biggest thing for us this year that we didn’t actually bring last year is the ability to finish. We’ve been able to do that for most of our games this year, and a lot of the games have been close.
“So if the game does come down close, we’ve finished before this year. So we know how to finish games.”
MSU faces the No. 11 Buckeyes on Saturday at noon in Ohio Stadium (Fox). Both teams enter with 7-2 overall records and 5-1 Big Ten marks that have them tied for the East Division lead.
KEYS TO THE GAME: Michigan State at Ohio State: 5 factors and a prediction
PODCAST: Spartan Speak: How far can this Michigan State football team go?
“It just gives us an opportunity to show how good we are and how far we’ve come,” senior captain Chris Frey said.
The Spartans pulled off a 27-24 upset of No. 13 Penn State, and all five of their Big Ten wins have been by a combined 25 points. Ohio State got beaten, 55-24, on Saturday at Iowa, but the Buckeyes also pulled off a 1-point win over the Nittany Lions with a furious fourth-quarter comeback. That 39-38 victory is Ohio State’s only game this season decided by less than 15 points.
It’s a far cry from a year ago, when MSU finished the season 3-9 and the Buckeyes escaped East Lansing and earned a spot in the College Football Playoff despite not winning the division.
“A lot of our young players now are more experienced players and they have some success and they have won on the field,” Dantonio said. “I'm talking about winning their individual battles on the field. They have lost some, too, and they understand it's OK to lose some on the field. But they have got an opportunity to win some. I think that breeds confidence in them and they are able to play a little bit more sure of themselves.”
MSU’s defense got a three of its season-total 11 sacks against the Buckeyes last year despite playing without Malik McDowell and seven other injured defensive players. The Spartans held quarterback J.T. Barrett to just 86 passing yards. The Buckeyes’ 17 points were their fewest in a game that season.
SCOUTING REPORT: Michigan State football vs. Ohio State
MORE: Michigan State football's defense adjusts to short pass plays
BIG GAME: Mark Dantonio says Michigan State has 'a lot to lose' at Ohio State
But Barrett had for 105 rushing yards and Detroit Cass Tech product Mike Weber ran for 111, scoring Ohio State’s go-ahead touchdown with 5:33 left in the third quarter.
In the fourth quarter, LJ Scott ran eight straight times for 56 yards. He scored a 1-yard touchdown with 4:53 to play to draw the Spartans within a point.
But Dantonio said he had planned all week to go for the win. MSU went for the 2-point conversion to try and take a lead instead of a tying extra-point attempt, but the Buckeyes’ Malik Hooker intercepted Tyler O’Connor’s pass intended for Jamal Lyles.
“We draw motivation from everything, our entire record last year. And Ohio State being one of those games, too,” MSU junior linebacker Andrew Dowell said. “We looked at those games last year, we were all in winnable positions. We just had to finish, so that’s something we’re focusing on hard this year.”
MORE: Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio wants Spartans to be sure, not overconfident
Offensively, MSU this season is drastically improved from that team on that cold, windy day. Quarterback Brian Lewerke is coming off the first back-to-back 400-yard games in MSU history.
Defensively, what MSU did against the Buckeyes that afternoon carried over into this season. The Spartans are first in the Big Ten and third in the country against the run, allowing just 87 yards a game. No player has run for more than 67 yards individually against them this season.
“It's just a matter of getting things back together, working hard,” co-offensive coordinator Jim Bollman said this week. “The guys really believe in each other.”
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