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The superstar has revealed he is not comfortable with the players who have been arrested as a backup for the game tomorrow. Understand this situation because the team has an important game waiting.Messi was sent off as a substitute in the game against Juventus in the 56th minute by coach Ernesto Baldira, intent on not sending him to play full time to maintain his fitness. With Valencia midfielder in the La Liga game this Sunday night. By the commander of the 10th said.
Every time I have to sit back up I will feel nervous because most of the time I will play. I do not like sitting beside the field. I like being involved and helping the team. "" But I understand the season is long and I have totake care of myself because the situation is getting harder and harder. "Argentinean also mentioned that Valencia is a scary opponent this season by the "Batman" is showing a hot form at this time. They have already won eight league games, with La Liga having four points behind Barcelona. "Valencia have a good team. Great Coach He's clear on the team and they know how to play. " ผลบอลสด
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