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Wholesale Jerseys lpha constan

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Golf is a popular and relaxing sport Football Jerseys Cheap , but to play the game well, you need the right golf equipment. This buying guide will take you through the different types of golf equipment available, from balls and bags to clubs and clothes.

What equipment do I need to play golf?

Golf Clubs:

Usually a golfers bag contains fourteen or more clubs. Select golf clubs based on your ability. A half set combination of clubs is ideal for a novice and will help a beginner develop a better swing. You need a good variety of clubs with the right combination of shafts and club heads for different shots around the course. For left-handers, there are specially designed sets of clubs. The most common types of golf clubs are drivers, irons, woods, wedges and putters.


You can choose from steel, titanium or composite drivers. The head of a golf driver comes in different shapes like squares, triangles and scoop backs. Golf drivers are made of different metals and vary in weight according to the material used. Heavy headed golf drivers are preferred by many players. Steel shafts are typically used by experienced golfers while lighter graphite shafts are used mostly by beginners. Graphite shafts can be rather expensive and are best for beginners who are serious about improving their game. Cheap golf sets with graphite shafts are readily available.


Woods are made from either titanium or stainless steel. Titanium woods are pricier of the two. If you prefer a classic look, then opt for stainless steel woods. They are heavier with a more traditional design. A 2 NFL Jerseys From China , 3 or 4 wood can be used in place of a driver or long iron for tee shots. Woods numbered 5 through 11 are best used to get your ball out of the rough.


Iron clubs are great for shots when you are 125 to 200 yards from the green. They are a staple among clubs and can be made of forged or cast iron. High handicap players should opt for cavity back irons which are designed to improve your game. Mid handicap golfers are better off experimenting with hybrid irons and low handicap players should use blade irons.


There are several different types of wedges, such as the pitching wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge and gap wedge, all of which have different lofts. They have different finishes like chrome, nickel and beryllium copper. These scoring clubs are a vital part of game and should be used when you are 120 yards or less from the hole.


Once you hit the green, it is time to pull out your putter. A putter is the shortest golf club of any set and generally the most used. You have many options to choose from. Peripheral weighted putters are better for players with an in and out stroke while mallet headed putters can be used by players with a straight through and back stroke. The traditional blade putter, however, is always the safest design as it is the easiest to use.

Golf Balls:

Golf balls are classified as one-piece, two-piece NFL Jerseys China , three-piece or four-piece based on their construction. Beginners should use one-piece balls. Two-piece balls are more commonly used by the average player for every day golfing. Three-piece balls give seasoned players more control. Four-piece balls are much rarer. Their four layer construction makes them the softest feeling golf ball you can play with. If you are a hard hitter, you will most likely prefer a heavier ball. Soft balls spin well whereas hard balls cover more distance.

Golf Bags:

Just like any other golfer, you will need a bag to store your clubs, shoes and balls as you go back and forth from home to a golf course. The most common types of golf bags are stand bags, cart bags and staff bags.

Stand Bags:

A stand bag has legs which keeps it upright while you golf. Select a lightweight stand bag with two wide straps rather than one so that the weight gets evenly distributed.

Cart Bags:

Cart bags have many pockets and are more rigid than stand bags. They are made for golfers who use carts and buggies to get around the course. Female golfers and older players tend to prefer cart bags. However, they usually are quite expensive.

Staff Bags:

Staff bags can get very heavy, as they have numerous pockets and enough space for a full set of fourteen clubs. They are modeled after professional golf bags and are often made from leather. If you use a caddy and have the money, nothing else comes close to owning a staff bag.

Golf Gloves:

Golf gloves help you get a good grip on your golf clubs to provide better control over your game. Although some prefer to play without gloves, they are highly recommended for novice to intermediate players. There are leather, synthetic NFL Jerseys Wholesale , all-weather and winter gloves that you can choose from.

Golf Shoes:

You can wear classic golf shoes, sandals or golf boots when you are out on a course. Look for shoes that can withstand the wear and tear of walking all eighteen holes and are waterproof. Shoes that let your feet breathe are ideal for summers and provide the most comfort.

Golf Clothes:

Your golfing wardrobe should contain outerwear for every season. If you are the kind of golf lover that plays no matter what the weather is like, you will need waterproof, rainproof and windproof golf clothes. Take care that you are comfortable with your apparel during a swing. There are now many outlets to buy golf equipment online if you want to keep up with the trends.
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