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So you have your horse racing tips ready for the day Wholesale Jerseys , now you have to understand the best way to make them pay. Knowing about horse racing and reading form is one thing. Actually picking the best way to invest another altogether!

It goes without saying, those more experienced sports bettors will be potentially a level above this education. It is however food for some thought for any level of player. In all my years of experience, the more flexible you can be in your betting approach without having to think too hard about it, the better!

You might create your own horse racing tips, you might buy them, you might take them from a newspaper or website. What are you going to do now? Depending on the number of horses participating in a race and a myriad of other factors that can change before race time. What betting methods do you need in your arsenal for backing more of your horse racing tips to either win or lose?

Back Win Single

Pretty self explanatory, the most simple of back bets, however not necessarily the easiest to deploy with accuracy! Considering your opinions will be either rewarded for being correct or marked down with a loss Cheap NHL Jerseys China Wholesale , you need to be pretty sure what you are doing with the win only bet.

Unfortunately for a large number of inexperienced punters, this is often the bet they should be using the least! Remember horses are not machines, trainers are not always right, the media is not always right and connections actually can lay horses when they are primed to fail! This bet needs treating with caution.

Unless you are very good, the Dutch betting win method below is the one most should concentrate on. The potential profit will be reduced per investment, but the strike rate of successful investment will soar! It depends whether you seek a gamble for fun or indeed investment for profit?

Back Each Way

The each way bet is a fantastic string to your bow, again however many amateurs do not use it to full capacity. Most will see this as a bet to place on horses that ‘might’ fluke a win at say 101 or bigger. The professional punter however will use this in a different way altogether.

With three places paid for an eight runner race, these optimum conditions are waited for with patience by the best players.with 41 on offer and 14 each way terms Cheap NHL Jerseys Online , should a horse be beaten however still managing to place, a zero loss will be realised. Of course the bookmakers are very aware of this, often with less than eight hitting the race track. Also when runners are priced up, you can almost predict the horses the bookmakers feel will be certain to place, will be at least shorter than 52 in price.

The confident pro player will wait late, just before the off with eight horses to run will be the time to attack. Very large stakes can be used for those who know how to work this bet. The bookmakers worst enemy, and one you can attack when your horse racing tips are strong.

Back Dutch Bet

Put simply within the constraints of this article, a dutch bet is when you back more than one of your horse racing tips in the same event. However Cheap NHL Jerseys Wholesale , unlike split staking you place varying quantities of stake dependant on the prices on offer. This is a method used by nearly every pro backer on the planet!

If you learn how to adjust an odds price in to a real term percentage, you can the calculate how much of your stake goes on each runner. You would place twice as much stake on a 64 shot (40%) as you would a 41 shot (20%) for example.

With different results likely to benefit different people, this spreading of investment is a highly recommended approach to betting. Remember not all of your horse racing tips will run as you think! Hugely impressive strike rates can be achieved when this is mastered. This method also works brilliantly when there is less than eight horses running. So if your each way angle is cut, attack with the Dutch!

Back Split Stakes

Like Dutch betting, with this tactic you back more than one horse. This time however you will place the same quantity of bank on each runner. This method is usually used when one horse is being chanced to actually beat another, usually a shorter priced favourite.

If you think only two horses can win the race, one is even money, one is 41. If you split your stakes and indeed your 41 shot prevails over the shorter priced horse Cheap NHL Jerseys From China , it equates of course to a 31 winner! By using the shorter priced runner as stake cover, you are essentially covering your stake like you would in the 41 each way bet mentioned above (so long as one or your two win!). This Method is also absolutely superb when less than eight run, this would be my main replacement for an each way bet if less than eight are to start.


The internet betting exchanges have turned many a sports bettor into armchair bookmakers. Laying horses is the method of predicting when a horse will not win with a financial risk. When you lay, you are turning yourself in to the bookmaker! Other punters backing their horse racing tips will use your stake against their back selection. Whoever is proved correct wins!

You need to know what you are doing before laying horses. The other methods above need to be mastered before this is considered as an approach. Laying horses, unless you are very well connected to stable insiders, should be left to experienced players.

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