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He was born May 4 , 1654 as the son of the late Emperor Shunzhi, who died in his early twenties and his mom, the 14 year old Imperial Consort Tong, a concubine in the Tongiya clan (1640 - 1663). He was the second emperor of the Qing dynasty to rule over all. His reign continued until his death December 20, 1722 from February 7 , 1661, making him the longest-reigning Emperor of China ever. The Kangxi era, that's counted as complete years that were Chinese, lasted from February 18, 1662 to February 4 , 1723.

The imperial throne was succeeded by the Kangxi Emperor on February 17, 1661, at age seven, twelve days after his dad's passing. Being too young to take power seven, four guardians and his grandma the Dowager Empress Xiao Zhuang carried through the control within the empire , that the Shunzhi Emperor had appointed before his death to rule during Kangxi's minority. But as a sole regent absolute power was seized by one of them, Oboi, after a ferocious power struggle.

In the spring of 1662 the Kangxi rulers ordered a gigantic effort to get control over the mainly Ming loyalist southern China below the direction of Zheng Chenggong (also called Koxinga), something that involved moving the entire population of the coastal regions of southern China, inland.

At age 15 the Kangxi emperor had Oboi arrested in 1669 and began to take control of the country himself. Of major concerns was the flood control of the Yellow River , the repairing of the Grand Canal and the Revolt of the Three Feudatories which broke out in 1673 in the south of China, and also the Chakhar Mongols rebellion in 1675.

In 1673 a truce was mediated by the Kangxi government in the long-running war in Vietnam, which had been going on for 45 years with nothing to show for this. The Chakhar Mongols was integrated in the 'Eight Banners' Chinese Army. In the South the incorporation of the area went that in 1684 the Qing Dynasty annexed Taiwan, the final outpost. Soon afterwards, the displaced families were motivated to move back to the coast.

Many more and every one of these campaigns took a great toll on the treasury. From Kangxi period's peak throughout the last decades of the 17th century the treasury shrunk or less , by the end of his reign. Corrupt officials were also quite noticeable in the final years of Kangxi. The dilemma of coping with this in addition to the civil war in Tibet was left to the future emperor, with a few advices.

Eventually, through the long years of Kangxi's reign factions and rivalries had formed in the court.

The Kangxi Emperor had 20 sons living into adulthood. His second son of those, Yinreng was at age 2 named Crown Prince of the Great Qing Empire. After that his mom had died giving birth to him, he was brought up from the Kangxi Emperor to eventually become the best heir to the Imperial throne.

Yinreng didn't yet prove co-operative. Rumor had it that he'd cruel customs; to beat and kill his subordinates , he was alleged to have had sexual relations with one of Kangxi's concubines, something that was defined as incest and a capital offense, also to buy young children in the Jiangsu area because of his happiness. The heir apparent Yinreng gradually fell into disfavor and in 1708, on the semi-annual hunting expedition at Rehe, the Kangxi Emperor charged Yinreng with immorality , sadism, sexual impropriety, usurping power and treason, after which he was deprived of his standing as heir apparent and imprisoned. His condition worsened along with the Emperor became convinced that he was not sane. In 1712 he was put in perpetual confinement to perish in prison in 1725, not long after that his smaller brother , the 4th Imperial Prince Yinzhen, had ascended the throne.

To this day, whom Kangxi is along with three other events and really picked as his successor is still a subject of debate amongst historians, referred to as the Four greatest mysteries of the Qing Dynasty.

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